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When one is bored and is not used to the typical texting, some games can be a way of spicing up your conversation if your boyfriend or girlfriend is away. There are a lot of them that people can select and you just have to know which ones suit you best. These games can bring love is closer and make the conversation interesting. Some are meant to have fun well others are a way of knowing each other better; however, no matter the situation or no matter the games people play there is still a likelihood of having fun. Read more about game texting at 2 person texting gamesIn this article, one can learn some of those games that can make your conversation pretty interesting and keep people engaged.


 Would You Rather


It is one of the common games that people play, and it is the right method of understanding how people work and also getting to know about your better half. The rule of the game is asking a question that starts with would you rather and have your partner answer it. In as much as it is a face-to-face game, it can also be played over the text and makes things fun.


Lyrics Of A Song


It is a perfect texting game for music lovers in that one can quote lyrics of a particular song and have their special someone guess what song that is.  it can also be good for people who do not like music because it is a way of letting them know what is in the market and some of the new songs that they should listen to as long as we describe your relationship or seemed to be some fun songs.


I Spy


The game has been there for the longest, and it is not only suitable for lovers but also family members. Read more about game texting at flirty games to play over textOne starts by telling their loved one where they are and briefly describing the environment and then giving them a clue of something you've discovered starting the sentence with, 'I spy' but do not give them more details. Such clothes are meant to assist them in getting to know what one has discovered in that area.


Never Have I Ever


It is a game that people used to reveal some of their past experiences. It begins with, 'never have I ever' but one states some of the things they have done in the past only that the statement is supposed to mean the opposite. It is a common game during drinking sessions, but it can also be a perfect game to be played between a boyfriend and a girlfriend as it reveals facts about them that none of the parties knew.